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Stop wasting as much food by using the following amazing tips!

Stop wasting as much food by using the following amazing tips!
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Do not waste any more food

Does it often happen that you must throw food away that you have not had time to eat? You threw away some grapes? Bananas that were too ripe or even cheese?

Are you tired of throwing away good food?

Here we are sharing tips so you won't feel disheartened by all the food you have to throw out. This will help you save grocery money!

Enjoy the read!


Has it often happened to you that you've wanted to savor a good piece of cheese but were unable because there was a bit of green on it because it had just started to get moldy? Why not cut your cheese into smaller pieces and freeze them? Thaw some pieces (in the refrigerator), to avoid losing any!

Dried fruit

Almonds, peanuts, and other nuts have one thing in common: they tend to attract mold. If they are stored at room temperature, they may lose their flavor and become soft. Keep them in the freezer until you plan to use them in a recipe or add them to your cereal.


As soon as we see that bananas have begun getting dark (with black spots), most of us tend to throw them away. Don't do this! You can keep them in the freezer to make banana bread or add them to your smoothies for a creamy texture. It has also been found that the more ripe the banana is, the better it is for your health!


All avocado lovers can relate to this problem; avocados can easily go from green to over-ripe in the blink of an eye.

The ideal moment to eat them is indeed very short. Don't worry about this ever again! Freeze them and take them out when you need them or are ready for them! By freezing them, you stop the ripening process.

Blueberries and berries

You can do the same thing with berries. Rinse and dry your berries without squeezing them. If you do not want your fruit to stick together during freezing, do not let it get wet. Place the fruit on a baking sheet covered with a sheet parchment paper and place it in the freezer for about 1 hour. Then store the fruit in an airtight bag, taking care to remove the air from the bag and place it in the freezer. There you go! No more waste!


It is recommended that vegetables be blanched before being frozen. Blanching vegetables slows the process of enzymes and bacteria. By exposing your vegetables to boiling water (or steam) for a certain period of time, the enzymes become inactive. The blanching time can last from 30 seconds to 5 minutes depending on the vegetable.

You do not need to blanch eggplant, beets, squash, pumpkins, leeks, peppers and tomatoes.

Think about freezing your food to avoid so much waste.

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