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Take a look at this tiny home and discover a unique interior.

Take a look at this tiny home and discover a unique interior.
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A tiny home with something extra inside!

Gabriella and Andrew Morrison were drowning in debts and a huge mortgage. Seeing that their entire lives revolved around finances and that there was never enough money to do anything fun, they decided to sell their big house and move into a tiny home of 20 square meters.

They invested $22,000 (US dollars) to build this tiny home and now live completely mortgage-free.

They admit that no longer having to pay for a large house has completely changed their lives.

I'm sharing the pictures of this tiny home with you because I find it quite impressive with its kitchen, the ergonomics and its overall ambiance.

Come take a look!

20 square meters

The exterior of the tiny home is visually stimulating. I especially like the wood finish that reminds me of long weekends at the cottage.


Yes, this kitchen really is inside the tiny house: incredible isn't it? I have rarely seen such a big kitchen in a tiny home!

This kitchen is even bigger than certain ones found in some downtown apartments!

Dining Area

The house has a charming little dining area that includes a window with of view outside. I'm much more of a fan of this type of dining area with a view of the outside than those that are sometimes installed facing a wall: it is much more pleasant to look out at nature! At the same time, take note of all the storage space that surrounds the dining area and bench seat! We certainly can't say that this couple lacks storage space!


This mezzanine is not used as bedroom. It serves as a relaxation area to watch television, play guitar or read a good book! The people who designed this house really took advantage of the height of this house to benefit its owners.


The bathroom has a small shower, without being too tiny, with a sink, storage and a toilet equipped with a high-tech plumbing system.


This fireplace is used to help heat the home and keep the couple warm during the colder days of winter.


The bedroom is also elevated. As you can see in the photo, this one is much larger than the first mezzanine of the house. The dresser for storing clothes also brings a more "cocooning" effect to the room by partitioning the room somewhat.

Other photos

Did you know that this house was on wheels? The couple can even choose to move their tiny home anywhere! I leave you with two other photos that show you the size and impressive storage space of this tiny house! Feel free to leave me your comments!

Source: Ipnoze · Photo Credit: Ipnoze

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