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The EASIEST way to get stains out of Tupperware containers.

The EASIEST way to get stains out of Tupperware containers.
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If you take a Tupperware or any plastic containers at work for lunch or use them at home to reheat leftovers then you know that they can get stained pretty easily! And if you had any dish with a sauce, such as pasta, then your plastic containers is pretty much never going back to its original state!

Stop buying new containers! There is a VERY easy way to get the stains out of your Tupperware containers and you will never have to look at the reddish-orange colour again!

Adi Kempler shared her amazing hack on TikTok and its almost magic! All you need is your dirty container, dish soap, warm water and little bits of paper towel.

Toss everything in the containers and shake vigorously for around 45 seconds or so - the container will miraculously be stain free! Take a look for yourself.

The young lady told Buzz Feed: 

"My stepmom actually showed [the trick] to me," she said. "She’s been doing it for years prior to getting nicer glass containers, so she gave me the tip when I was having trouble getting rid of stains."

She even doubted her stepmom:

At first, I really didn’t think it was legit. It seemed like no matter how much I soaked or scrubbed, nothing did the trick like this method.

Her video went quickly viral and had over 4 million views which influence quite a lot of people to try the hack! Here are some of the results.

However, you should know that the effectiveness of this hack depend of the plastic container and how long the stains sat on it. But it's worth a try! 

Did you know about this hack? How do you clean your plastic containers?

Source: Buzz Feed · Photo Credit: Tik Tok @adikempler

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