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The interior of this house is unique!

The interior of this house is unique!
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A house out of the ordinary!

Dragons, battles and daring adventures; the beauty of fantasy novels is that they can take you to other worlds, but what would happen if you could live in another world every day?

Well, real estate artist and developer Ed Bemis from Oregon has managed to make this possible. Nestled in the foothills of Ashland Oregon is the Shining Hand Ranch, an original house that is so detailed that it is worthy of your favorite fantasy book!

It is for sale for $ 7,600,000. I must say that the house is located on a very large lot but ... I am curious to know your impressions about this unique residence!

Enjoy the tour!

Welcome to the mystical realm of Shining Hand Ranch

The house has been custom designed with the help of several local designers. This is far from your "standard" house in the suburbs. It took the artist, Ed Bemis, a year and a half just to carve this complex door!

It's all about the small details

Entering this house we quickly realize that everything is in the small details! Notice the floor, the framing, the chandelier, the entrance doors!


Think about all the work that was required for the floor, not to mention the chandelier!


Even the staircase is a work of art! The banister is entirely carved and gives the impression of interwoven branches. This photo also allows us to admire a much larger surface of the floor.

Meticulous work

This photo allows us to notice that this staircase has pieces of glass which are delicately inserted between the bars. The house has 2 staircases like this.

Living room

This living room stands out from others with its fireplace and its dragons.


The room also has its own special decor with its pine tree shaped windows!


The bathroom is decorated with "Van Gogh" blue granite. The vanity is wavy and has been custom built. Admire the view!


I'm sure you were eager to finally set your eyes on the kitchen: well, here it is! There is carved and crafted wood at the four corners of the island and under the lunch counter. One can not help but notice that the kitchen has very good dimensions and 2 side by side sinks.

Indoor pool

I think the indoor pool is the one place in the house that is the most "standard" and the least decorated.

Would you live in a house like this?

You do not see this kind of house every day. I certainly appreciate all the work that has been invested into this residence with its unique decor but I wonder if it will appeal to future buyers.

Does this style of home appeal top you? Would you live in a house like this?

Please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments about this viewing.

Source: Bored panda · Photo Credit: Bored panda

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