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The product he used to clean the wood of his courtyard makes miracle!

The product he used to clean the wood of his courtyard makes miracle!
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The treated wood changes color and becomes green gray after a few years. If it is painted, it’s necessary to repaint very often.

There are specialized products in store but they are full of ingredients that could be harmful to the lawn and plants around your patio.

That’s why this man’s idea is very smart: he uses a product that’s safe for plants, a cheap product that you can find… in the laundry section of your store.

This is the OxyClean powder used to revive the white and the colors of clothes in the detergent. OxyClean is made with oxygen and doesn’t contain any chlorine or other environmental toxins, it will clean and revive the original color of your wood!

How to do?

Mix ½ cup of OxyClean in about 8 liters of hot water until the powder is dissolved.

You may need to do another bucket of water, so keep the OxyClean next to you!

Choose a cloudy day to wash your wood, the solution will evaporate less quickly than on a sunny day. Anyway, work a small section at a time, it'll be better!

Start by hosing the section that needs to be cleaned.

With a brush, spread the solution on the wood, rub it a little, add it and leave it for 10 minutes.

After 10 minutes, rinse with the garden hose: you’ll see instantly the dirt disappear!

If there are still dirty areas, apply the solution again and wait another 10 minutes before rinsing with the garden hose.

It’s hard to believe it but it’s the same patio! It’s clean and it’s environmentally friendly!

Source: From House to Home · Photo Credit: From House to Home

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