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The shape of your lipstick reveals a lot about your personality!

The shape of your lipstick reveals a lot about your personality!
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Did you know that the way you use your lipstick reveals a lot about your personality? It is because by applying it, the lipstick becomes very intimate since it adapts to the shape of your lips, but also to your type of personality.

So, open your lipsticks and observe their shape: it determines your personality type.

Peak. If your lipstick looks new even after you have used it, you are a woman of high precision, perfectionist and very feminine. These women have ambition and many projects at the same time. They live at 100 miles an hour, fast and functional at all times and in everything.

Flute. Women who have a lipstick in the shape of a flute do not give a damn about conventions! They are strong personalities, audacious and creative. They do not like wasting their time on unnecessary things and prefer to focus on exciting and new experiences!

Hollow. Here it is the opposite of the flute, the red is hollow in the middle because of the strong pressure exerted on the red during the application. You are a woman with a strong personality too, but more introverted and secretive. These women must feel confident before they open up to others.

Flat. If your lipstick is rather flat, stress has no hold on you. The equal pressure you exercise on your stick indicates that you are calm, diplomatic, listening to others!

Round. If your lipstick is rounded, you apply it gently and it says a lot about you! You take great care of things and others and you deeply hate conflicts.

You like activities that require precision and meticulousness.

So? Does it look like you?

Source: Cosmopolitan · Photo Credit: Cosmopolitan

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