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The way she uses garlic has nothing to do with cooking and she's absolutely right!

The way she uses garlic has nothing to do with cooking and she's absolutely right!
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I have always been a great consumer of garlic. I would like to put it on my toasts in the morning! I like its taste and as it is a natural antibacterial, I know it is good for the whole family.

But garlic is much more than a kitchen food! It is a super food that should be used in many other ways.

Splinters. The anti-inflammatory properties of garlic allow to remove splints more easily than with a needle as our mothers did. Place a piece of garlic on a bandage and cover the splinter with the band-aid. After 30 minutes, the inflammation will have decreased significantly, the splinter will come out of the skin. This time it will be easy to remove with tweezers.

Skin. As garlic is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, it can help soothe irritations of the skin, such as rashes and even psoriasis. Rub garlic on the affected areas for faster healing.

Feet. Garlic soothes and treats fungal infections such as athlete's foot. Add a few cloves of crushed garlic in a basin of warm water and soak your feet for 30 minutes. * In the picture, the garlic is whole, but it must be crushed so that the juice comes out.

Wart. Garlic is a good remedy to eliminate a wart!The tip is here.

Hair. Garlic contributes to the growth and regrowth of the hair. By applying garlic directly to the scalp, you help increase blood circulation near the roots of the hair, which promotes the health of the hair. This is a popular tip for people who lose their hair and who get results by repeating this gesture every day while getting up and going to the shower 30 minutes later. You have the choice of rubbing garlic directly on the scalp or taking garlic supplements.

Acne. Garlic is an antibacterial and an antioxidant so it kills the bacteria that cause acne. Rub the garlic directly on the spots, wait 30 minutes, then rinse the skin. Repeat until the spots disappear.

Dishes. Have you ever noticed that garlic cut leaves a sticky film on your fingers? This is because garlic has natural adhesive properties! A little garlic juice can indeed help repair cracks in glass and ceramics. Simply crush some cloves of garlic and apply the garlic juice over the crack. Wipe off the excess juice and let dry. The natural adhesive will prevent the crack from cracking further.

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