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These 10 tips will greatly simplify the life of all parents

These 10 tips will greatly simplify the life of all parents
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With the busy life we ​​lead, the smallest tip to simplify life is always welcome. And especially when you're a parent!

We have found 10 tips that you probably do not know and that will save you time, money, and keep you calm!

When your children do crafts or paint and do not have an apron, use Press n 'Seal-like body wrap by gluing them on their clothes. After the dirty activity, you just have to remove the film roll.

Recycle your cartons of eggs to make brush and paint holders. No more damage.

Modify a Mason jar by turning the lid with a juice container to make it a snack container.

To prevent your kids from spilling the bubble fluid around, stick the flasks around a pole outside.

Fill the holes of bath toys with hot glue and say goodbye to mold formation.

Use a chest for fishing items to organize your children's snacks when you are driving or on weekends outside the house.

To prevent your toddlers from getting dirty with fingers when coloring eggs, hold the egg in a mixing whisk.

If you have a shoe organizer that you no longer use, it will make an ingenious storage for the Legos of your children.

No more rubber bands for hair that are found everywhere or lost. By placing them on a carabiner, they will remain in place.

Before going on a family vacation, prepare all children's clothing sets in advance by storing them in Ziploc bags. Every day, you can dress them quickly without having to search in the suitcase for the missing garment.

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