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These organizational tips will make you want to do some cleaning in your kitchen

These organizational tips will make you want to do some cleaning in your kitchen
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Having lived in the same house for years, most people make the same mistake. They accumulate stuff that they do not necessarily use anymore.

This is not really the case with those who move often, because they would rather get rid of all that is no longer useful, rather than move with it.

In this same regard, you should, on occasion, clean all the rooms in your house, including the kitchen.

Start by purging the room of all those things you do not use to either donate them to a charity, family members or friends, to recycle the items, or throw them away, if there is nothing else that can be done with them.

Then, it would be best to wash the entire room thoroughly, as well as the underside of cabinets, cabinet doors, cupboards, closets and appliances, before putting everything back in its well organized place.

But, how to go about putting things away in a well organized way?

What are your tips? Have you thought about it? You've lived in this house for what? 5-10-15 ... 20 years maybe even? And you've not yet given any thought on how you could better improve your kitchen's organization?

Well, you should maybe see this tutorial video that contains great ideas! Use magazine racks!

1) Use magazine racks glued inside a cabinet door and under the kitchen sink to organize all household cleaning products

2) Use a magazine rack to store salad, broccoli and celery vertically on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator

3) Use two other magazine racks horizontally in the fridge to store snacks and water bottles

4) Use a magazine holder glued under a cabinet to store all your large spice jars, or cookbooks and oven mittens

5) Do not store your fruit in a fruit bowl, it gets moldy faster, instead, opt for metal magazine doors. The fruits will be able to breathe and be separated. Fruits that release ethylene gases together in one compartment and other fruits together in another!

6) Also organize all the undersides of your cabinets with magazine racks. You will be amazed to see how much they can store!

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