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These symptoms are disturbing and should alert us, yet we ignore them too often!

These symptoms are disturbing and should alert us, yet we ignore them too often!
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The body manifests itself in several ways to warn us that something is wrong: the symptoms are its language and it happens that we do not understand it.

Yet the body sends us many other signals than the fever, pain, nausea and cramps that know how to hold our attention ... Here are 10 others to watch closely!

Spots in front of your eyes. You see dots, lines, spots? It is not a normal situation. Go for an eye exam to determine the reasons for these forms appearing in your vision.

Eyelid jumping. If you are very very tired, it is possible that spasms will blow your eyelid. A compress of cold water should relieve you. If it does not, it would be important to go see a doctor quickly.

Blurry vision. It's not because you've never worn glasses that your vision is perfect! And it is not because you wear glasses that your vision has not deteriorated since your last examination! If your vision is cloudy, check out to determine the reasons behind this phenomenon.

Bags under your eyes. Dark rings are often the result of lack of sleep, but they can be caused by a lack of iron in the body, leading to anemia.

Color of your fingers. If your fingers change color at the slightest change in temperature, it is caused by spasms in the blood vessels. You should talk to your doctor about whether a treatment is needed.

Rash. Dry skin patches or rash often appear when our diet is out of order: you may be missing important vitamins or minerals! A healthier diet and good hydration should improve the situation. But if skin dryness is accompanied by severe itching, it could be a fungus infection, and it is important to consult a health specialist.

Loss of smell. If you do not currently suffer from a cold or allergy that temporarily blocks your sense of smell, a partial loss of smell is not normal! Maybe you need treatment, maybe it's your nervous system that manifests itself this way to tell you something is wrong! Check.

Humming. A hum in the ear is never normal. It may be due to the surrounding conditions of your work (and it needs to be corrected), but it may also indicate another problem that needs to be addressed to a physician.

Rumbling. The sounds we hear when we are hungry actually come from the intestines. When it's really the hunger that causes them, it's just normal. But if your intestines make noise "without reason", it is better to consult a doctor.

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