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This 90-year-old grandmother decides to transform the houses of her village by painting flowers on them!

This 90-year-old grandmother decides to transform the houses of her village by painting flowers on them!
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A sweet story!

Get ready to be amazed by this 90-year-old "grandmother". Agnès Kaspàrkovà is a former agricultural worker from the Czech Republic.

After noticing that another elderly woman was painting designs on her house and other homes in the village, she decided to do the same and transform her home and other village homes.

Armed with a tiny paintbrush and with blue paint, Agnes paints elaborate floral designs that are inspired by ancient Moravian art.

The grandmother has become famous but admits to the media that she paints for passion and pleasure.

Take a look at his achievements, you will find that it takes good eyesight, a steady hand and TONS of patience!


The grandmother paints designs inspired by ancient Moravian art. See how much precision this requires!

A passion

Agnès told the media that she was an artist at heart and that she was doing this for her love and passion for art. Watch her as she stands for hours painting these little designs!

Beautifying homes

See how this window, which was white before, is now draws attention!

Hours of work

In today's society, where everything goes so fast, where everyone is accustomed to instant gratification; to see this woman working so carefully, design after design, hour after hour, is amazing!

Other photos

It is by looking more closely at the designs that we realize that they are quite complex! The grandmother must have a good imagination for her work and an idea of the final result, before even starting to paint, so that the result is beautiful and well proportioned! It takes vision!

Like what you see?

So? What did you think of the story of this Czech grandma? I personally find that it is a beautiful story. This woman, who has arrived in the sunset of her life, finds purpose in creating beautiful designs to embellish the houses of her village. What a great way to spend your day! She certainly helps bring a smile to the faces of the people who live in these now colorful houses.

Please feel free to leave us your thoughts, we like to read what you think! Hope you enjoyed seeing the work of this 90 year old woman! This is a great example to prove that it's never too late to do what we love in life!

Source: Ipnoze · Photo Credit: Ipnoze

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