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This amazing shower cleaner method will impress you every time you will use it!

This amazing shower cleaner method will impress you every time you will use it!
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With shampoos, conditioners, body soap, shaving foam and all the hygiene products used in the shower, the walls and door of the shower get dirty very quickly. You always have to clean over and over.

And these residue spots combined with hard water spots are hard to get away completely. It's often necessary to rub, rub and rub again to remove everything.

With this home-made product that contains only 2 ingredients, all you have to do is spray, wait and rinse! Much more efficient than many products sold in stores!

Mix 1 cup of Down dishwashing soap and 1 cup of warm white vinegar. Heat the vinegar in the microwave so it's hot, but not boiling: you must be able to touch it without burning yourself.

Pour the mixture into a spray bottle and immediately spray the shower surfaces while the liquid is still hot.

Warning: do not shake the bottle to mix the ingredients. Do only small movements with your hand, without stirring. There is a lot of soap in the mixture and if you stir it, there will be bubbles, bubbles and bubbles again!

If the shower is very dirty, take a sponge to roughly rub the shower and leave it like this for 30 minutes.

After 30 minutes, rinse the shower with cold water.

Finish with the floor of the shower and rinse well since there is soap and the floor could be slippery if not rinsed well.

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