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This hotel allows you to sleep in a bubble and admire the Aurora Borealis (more commonly known as The Northern Lights)

This hotel allows you to sleep in a bubble and admire the Aurora Borealis (more commonly known as The Northern Lights)
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A unique hotel indeed!

If you are looking for a hotel that offers you more than a place to rest your head and a washroom, this hotel in Iceland offers you quite an incredible experience.

The 5 Million Star Hotel, submerges you into a bubble in the middle of the wilderness, with nothing between you and the stars above and, hopefully, The Northern Lights.

This minimalist layout makes it possible for you to admire the northern lights in an unprecedented way and to take in the wonder of the summer skies.

What an experience this must be!

Come view this unique hotel!

The idea of sleeping in bubbles

"In fact, it all began when I helped travelers, about two or three years ago, design their trip to see the northern lights here in Iceland," said Robert Robertsson, creator of the 5 Million Star Hotel.

"One evening, I received a call from one of my clients who was making a traditional visit to the forest to witness the aurora borealis. He had gone to a particular spot on the mountain and was waiting in the icy cold ".

A brilliant idea!

My client, who seemed completely frozen, asked me on the phone, "Robert, it's so crazy. I'm freezing to death here (he probably did not wear proper outerwear), don't you know of any hotels where I could lie in bed with a glass roof over my head so I could admire the northern lights?".

This sentence made Robert think; and why not offer people the opportunity to sleep under the stars?

The result is fantastic!

These bubbles provide a comfortable space to observe the aurora borealis in winter and an ideal place to get closer to nature in summer. Do not worry, the bubbles are heated and insulated and the amenities are provided in an adjacent building with bathrooms and a common kitchen. Do you have an idea of the price?

Located a little over an hour from Reykjavik, you can rent a bubble like this for $248 to $291 (US dollars) per night.

5 bubbles

It is important to know that the hotel has 5 bubbles. However, guests should also be aware that they must bring their own toiletries and food, and, it's absolutely worth it, when you think about the wonderful show.

Did you know that the exact location of the bubbles is only revealed to customers when they have already paid for their nights? The owner of this hotel wants to keep this place almost secret to prevent people from disturbing this magical place and preserve the enchanting experience.

In summer too

Would you like to experience sleeping in one of these bubbles? Note that you can also have the experience during the summer season. Just imagine falling asleep with seemingly nothing but starry skies all around.

What a unique experience, right? If one day you visit this corner of Iceland, you now know that this unique experience is available to you and would be one of the most memorable ones of your life. We invite you to leave us your comments on this hotel which offers such unique stays!

Source: Thrillist · Photo Credit: Thrillist

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