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This is why you should never cover a child in a stroller to protect them from the sun! Parents, please spread this information!

This is why you should never cover a child in a stroller to protect them from the sun! Parents, please spread this information!
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This should be taken very seriously. As temperatures increase dramatically these days, it is very important to protect yourself from heat and sunlight. It is, of course, recommended to protect the skin of babies, to hydrate them, and to try to remain in the shade as much as possible during the hours when the sun is strongest.

You may also have noticed a parent cover their child’s stroller with a blanket or a sheet to protect them from the sun's rays. Perhaps you have already done it yourself? It’s a common reflex. But in fact, it is extremely dangerous.

Laying a sheet, blanket or even a wet towel on a stroller to protect a child, actually exposes them to an even stronger and more stuffy heat than normal even though done with good intentions. It is worse it creates a dangerous "furnace" effect. “It becomes a little like a greenhouse”, explains theSwedish pediatrician Svante Norgenof the Hospital Astrid Lindgren of Stockhlom.

Dr. Norgen explains that covering a baby stroller in summer, could have an impact on Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, the risks increasing in an extremely hot environment.

Covering child’s stroller is all the more dangerous because, as the child is covered, it is hidden from view and parents may miss certain signs of distress, signals that could alert them of their discomfort related to the heat and prevent them from reacting in time. The material can also choke the child by preventing free air circulation. The baby gets no refreshing air, the air is not renewed and the lack of fresh air adds to the effect of the stifling heat.


Swedish expert Svendka Dagbladet says it is as dangerous to cover a stroller as to leave a baby in a car in direct sunlight. He even went so far as to run an experiment, placing two strollers, one covered and the other uncovered in full sun (without child) but with thermometers to measure the temperature.


Just 30 minutes will be enough to raise the temperature in the covered stroller with a placed in the sun from 22 ° C to 34 ° C while the 2nd uncovered stroller remained at 22 ° C.

In conclusion, yes the sun rays can be strong and harmful to a baby, which is why Dr. Norgen suggests using a stroller umbrella, you will find parasols for strollers on the net--- >>> HERE It will allow air to circulate freely in the stroller and you can move it according to the angle of the sun. Don’t forget to protect your child with quality suncream, hat, and sunglasses.

Tell more people this important information. Spread the news!

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