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This lady had no space in her laundry room. Until she got this crazy idea!

This lady had no space in her laundry room. Until she got this crazy idea!
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10 ideas to discover!

Your laundry room may not be the one you dream about?

Maybe it's not big enough, pretty enough to give you the urge to spend hours doing laundry, ironing all week and sort all the socks of each and every one!

But if you could find a few little tricks to make it just a little more functional, or at least just a little more beautiful ...

Perhaps you would spend a little more time there?

Here are 10 ideas to make your washroom more attractive and convenient!

Hangers and commercial support

Have a pole installed on top of your washer to have enough hangers available at your disposal. And get a clothes rack. You can dry tons of clothes at once!

Inclined containers

Or .... Have a small storage shelf installed on top of your appliances, you can easily reach the clothes by doing the laundry. Install a second shelf for your products. Install hangers and clothes pins on the edge of your shelf to hang clothes to dry.

Between the washing machines

If space allows you, make a drawer mounted on wheels to store all your laundry products, keep the most used on top, store them in jars, they will be part of the decoration.

Glass and aluminum pots

Decorate the room with glass jars and aluminum pots, but that will serve. One for the clothes pins, the other for the orphan socks.

Shelf and blackboard

Paint a door with blackboard paint and attach a white shelf on the door, store laundry products and a lot of laundry room accessories. You can now write notes on the door!

An old ladder

A very rustic look, a very practical idea! You can hang the clothes to dry and it will decorate the room too! I JUST LOVE IT!


Perfect for a condo or an apartment! What about the right part? Space is maximized with shelves for products! Everything is well thought!

Retractable holder

Fix a window frame on a board with hinges and insert bars to it, remember that the framing will have to be held by rope or chains, which is not seen shown the photo. You can dry clothes on the poles. Once finished, you will put the frame back to the wall! Easy to DIY!

The counter

As well as protecting the appliances, the countertop offers a straight surface to work! It is very practical to fold clothes as you won't use the kitchen table to do this anymore.

The decoration!

Add a little touch of decoration to your laundry room, you will feel so good in here ... Use an old board as a shelf, get yourself a small lamp, a nice frame, a beautiful basket to put the orphan socks, a mason jar to collect all the pennies found at the bottom of the washing machine ...

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