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This man accidentally discovers that his house is equipped with an antinuclear shelter.

This man accidentally discovers that his house is equipped with an antinuclear shelter.
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A surprising discovery!

During the Cold War between the United States and the Soviet Union, people lived in fear of an atomic bomb falling out of the sky. Those who lived during that time certainly remember!

This constant threat prompted many people to build an antinuclear shelter against nuclear radioactive fallout.

When the Soviet Union collapsed, many of these shelters became forgotten relics from a fearful era. When this owner uncovered, looking through the plans of his house, that there was an antinuclear shelter on his property, he was speechless! Come see what he did with his shelter!

And you? What would you do if you discovered a shelter on your property? I leave you to observe this one!

it's completely hidden!

Only by looking at the plan of the house did the owner discover that there was an underground shelter. He hired a specialist to scan the yard and tell him exactly where the shelter was.

The opening

They started to dig and they quite quickly found the entrance to the underground shelter which was only a few feet deeper. It seems that the entrance was closed for decades!

Cleaning the debris

The owner and his crew had to clean up all the soil and cement debris in order to finally enter the antinuclear shelter.

The shelter's original plans

This plan tells gives you a bit more of a better idea of what the antinuclear shelter looks like. It's not very big and begs the question: how could several people have lived in this shelter for several months?

The shelter!

That's what the underground shelter looks like: an round and empty room. Try to imagine an entire family living in this small space for several months! I think I would have gone crazy!

What do we do with it?

The owner decided to improve the entrance to the shelter and keep it in good condition. We wonder what he will do with it but hope that it will never need to be used against a nuclear attack.

And you? What would you do with an antinuclear shelter on your property? Would you keep it and transform it?

Feel free to leave me your comments and suggestions!

Source: Slip talk · Photo Credit: Slip talk

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