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This man realizes a one year long project! But it is worth it WOW!

This man realizes a one year long project! But it is worth it WOW!
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Projects with beer caps, you've seen them!... But like this one? NO! Because this man took the time to realize a pattern!

And that, well it makes all the difference!

This man hated the murky carpet in his craft room, so instead of getting a new one, he decided to make the floor with beer and soda caps. He also asked for help from his family and friends picked up the caps! But he did not stop there! He went to the pubs of his neighborhood and let them know about his project to get help from them too! Because it's nice to have enough caps, you also had to have the right colors! HO!

Almost all the caps were in good condition. Some needed to be slightly straightened with a little hammering. Then, each cap was piped with tile mortar to dry full allow stability for walking.

"I knew I wanted a star shape at first. After a few sketches, I started!" My grand-daughter helped me with a photo and corrected me on my tutorial."

The center of our floor was secured with a ledge stick and I began setting the caps permanently.

The pattern was duplicated and increased according to the number of colors I had. 

The doors were highlighted with a red "doormat" pattern with a small blue star in the middle.

The final product was grouted black with at least six coats of commercial grade urethane.

After doing this project, he wants to start another one!

Source: home talk · Photo Credit: Home talk

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