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This original house for sale ad will make you smile for sure!

This original house for sale ad will make you smile for sure!
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An ad that gets people talking!

I stumbled upon this house for sale. It does not really stand out for its beauty or sizer, but, upon viewing pictures of the interior, that's when this house put a smile on my face!

There are so many houses for sale these days, it's difficult to find a way to make yours stand out when it is pretty but nothing more, am I right?

The owners of this Texas residence found a way to draw attention to their special home!

Take a look and see exactly what I'm talking about.

Enjoy the show (dinosaur sounds)!

A house from the 1980s

At first glance, this home built in 1980 is nothing but the usual: 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, 796 square feet, for sale at $89,900, but, what is this I see in the second photo? A dinosaur mowing the lawn?


The kitchen is ergonomic and opens onto the dining room. You can tell the owners wanted it to have a delightful little feel to it with their choice of wood and cupboard color.

The kitchen, continued...

If mister dinosaur is comfortable in the kitchen, the next residents obviously will be too!

Dining room

The dining room is nice and opens onto the living room which is located at the very far end.


What do you think? If people interested in this house see that mister dinosaur looks so comfy lounging in the bed, will they be even more swayed?

Second bedroom

Look! No dinosaur here? Maybe it's because just not his bedroom?


This charming residence in Texas unfortunately has only one bathroom. However! As you can see in the photo, if it's big enough for mister dinosaur, it's definitely big enough for you!

Living room
The living room is surprisingly very spacious and it looks like mister dinosaur must have been busy elsewhere since he is not in this picture!

Waterfront property

Ahh! That's what mister dinosaur was up to! Fishing! This picture allows potential buyers to see that this property is located right on the water!

A good idea, yes?

What did you think of this idea: drawing attention to this house using a dinosaur mascot? Will this strategy work in helping to sell a home? I have no idea, but, at least it made you smile!

Source: Realtor · Photo Credit: Realtor

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