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This small and colorful camper is exactly what you need for your next camping trip!

This small and colorful camper is exactly what you need for your next camping trip!
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The camping season is coming to an end, but there are still days to spend time outdoors and sleep in nature. But not everyone likes to spend the night in a tent. There are however many interesting alternatives. But the cutest is surely this tiny trailer!

Realized byLittle Guy TrailersSan Diego, theMeerkatis a light motorhome that can accommodate two people. It can be hooked up to

just about any four-cylinder car with a hitch. And when the trip is over, you can easily put it away in a regular garage.

This trailer offers a quaint and cozy living space, including a dining area and sitting area that converts into a comfortable queen-size bed that sleeps two. There is a kitchenette with a sink and a cooler, a closet, a portable toilet and enough storage space.



Why this name? A Meerkat is a small animal that travels in packs and stands up straight and stretches its head up to look around, according to the company's website. Meerkats tend to congregate in groups and they are very cute, just like the MeerKat caravan, can be read there.

Even if it is very small, the caravan is not stuffy, even in hot weather. It has three windows that open for extra ventilation, a retractable roof and an outside awning.

The MeerKat is quite affordable, at a price of $17 820. It comes in several colors. Take a look at the interesting camper in the photos below.

Admit it, this mini portable house makes you want to take off on an adventure, as a couple or solo, or with a friend to share stories with during a road trip for two!

After a nice day on the road, you can install your hotel room wherever you want, even in a small space!

As is often said, the best things come in small packages! So, why encumber yourself with a huge, energy-hungry machine to settle in a little corner of paradise and travel the province?

Source: Delish · Photo Credit: capture d'écran - Facebok - Delish

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