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This woman creates a fairy-like library in the trunk of an old dead tree

This woman creates a fairy-like library in the trunk of an old dead tree
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Books are a wonderful window to the world and to our souls. No matter what they say, there is something for everyone and it's great to have access to books. That's why self-service mini-libraries, which can be found everywhere in parks and other public places around the world, have become so popular.

Many organizations take care of them everywhere, including the non-profit organizationLittle Free Library(a small free library) that wants to "inspire the love of reading, connect the community and stimulate creativity by encouraging book exchanges in neighborhoods around the world". Their small libraries are everywhere, there are 75,000 in 88 countries so far!

Many are very pretty in other parts of the world, but, the most outstanding one so far was recently spotted by a Reddit user. This unique library is simply magical!

It is located in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, United States.

Its story began with Sharalee Armitage Howard, an employee of the city library, who had the brilliant idea of giving a second life to an old tree in front of her house.

video screenshot - Facebook -Taylor Viydosubscribe

Seeing the centenary-old tree, whose branches had collapsed and trunk interior was beginning to rot, the woman began a phenomenal restoration project, with the intention of creating a unique gathering and exchange space.

She fixed a glass door onto the tree trunk and arranged the interior to accommodate hundreds of books. The result is simply magical!

video screenshot - Facebook -Taylor Viydo

On December 10, Sharalee posted the photo of this peculiar tree trunk whose interior seemed to have been shaped and converted. She then told the origin story of this "tree-library" project.

"We had to remove a huge tree that was over 110 years old, so I decided to turn it into a small free library (which I always wanted). Here it is (after a little cleaning, revegetation and finishing work)! "

This book enthusiast has even created a small natural environment around her tree-library. There are lighting and stone steps to access it. And that's not all! Sharalee has promised to beautify the place for the arrival of sunny days. But with the snow, it's just as wonderful!

video screenshot - Facebook -Taylor Viydo

As with any self-service library, her creator encourages people to pick and/or drop a book in the trunk of the tree.

video screenshot - Facebook -Taylor Viydo

Sharalee mentioned this on Facbook: "I officially became a member of the Little Free Library Charter! In a few days, you will see my tree on the national map.

She also unveiled a superb detail about her tree finishes: "A fun detail that was not visible in my first picture is that the molding above the door is actually made with small wooden books. ".

And each book of wood has a small reference to a famous work. In the photos, we notice veiled references toThe forest's callfrom Jack London,Hobbitof JRR Tolkien andGrapes of wrathSteinbeck.

video screenshot - Facebook -Taylor Viydo

Certainly, the inhabitants of Coeur d'Alene can now boast of having one of the most beautiful self-service libraries in the world!

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