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This woman sprinkles her bed with rubbing alcohol (90 degrees), her tip is very useful

This woman sprinkles her bed with rubbing alcohol (90 degrees), her tip is very useful
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Rubbing alcohol (90º alcohol) is not only used to remove glue residue or disinfect small sores! Here are some practical uses of rubbing alcohol, which you did not know!

1. Get rid of bed bugs:

Bed bugs are a real scourge, but rubbing alcohol helps kill them. Fill a bottle with rubbing alcohol spray and generously sprinkle your mattress and pillows. Repeat several times because bed bugs lay eggs and it is difficult to get rid of them in one step.

2. Replace your deodorant:

If you have forgotten your deodorant at home while on the move, do not panic. Rubbing alcohol will kill the bad odor, but it should only be used temporarily, as too much exposure to alcohol could irritate your armpits.

3. Make yourself a ice block:

The alcohol in a freezer does not freeze, but becomes a cold and thick mass. You can use it to make your own block ice. One part alcohol for two parts of water in a sealed plastic bag from which you remove a maximum of air before putting it in the freezer. After an hour, you should have the right texture, and will be able to keep your meal cool or treat a wound with it.

4. Kill the lice:

Fill a bottle with rubbing alcohol spray with lavender oil. Go outside and sprinkle your hair and scalp abundantly with this mixture, then, brush your hair to remove dead lice. Soak the comb in this mixture for at least an hour to make sure they are all dead.

5. Clean your ears:

Rather than using Q-tips, mix vinegar and rubbing alcohol in a container, then dip a cotton ball in it before placing it in your ear. The wax will go off by itself.

6. Remove nail polish:

Rather than using acetone, if you do not have a solvent, use the purest possible rubbing alcohol. It may be longer, but you will not damage your nails.

7. Ingrown hair problems?

After shaving the bikini area or underarms, apply rubbing alcohol to the skin. The irritation will be relieved and your skin will stay soft and smooth.

8. Clean your skin:

Benzoyl peroxide is found in many acne treatments, but rubbing alcohol works just fine. Anti inflammatory, it will soothe your skin while disinfecting the present pimples and prevent the appearance of new ones. But make sure you only apply it to the pimples.

9. Treat chapping and cold sores:

Only a small percentage of people carrying the herpes virus will see rashes. Use 70% rubbing alcohol on the wound, which will disappear more quickly.

10. Hand Sanitizer:

Rubbing alcohol is an excellent base for getting a hand sanitizer. Mix 113 grams of aloe gel with half a tablespoon of rubbing alcohol and a few drops of tea tree essential oil, place in a bottle and it's done!

Source: Hefty · Photo Credit: Fotolia

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