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Thousands of people visit this gigantic dome every year

Thousands of people visit this gigantic dome every year
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Come find out what lies beneath this gigantic dome!

At first glance, it looks like a huge laboratory or a military training facility, when in fact it is a former Russian air force base, in Krausnick, Germany.

It may be hard to believe that this base is actually a seaside resort, but when you see the photos, you'll be delighted to discover a little piece of paradise with palm trees, a huge pool, water slides, sand like at the beach, a rain forest, tents and accommodations.

Residents of this part of the country are very lucky to have a place like this!

Enjoy the tour!

A tropical paradise!

With its sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and palm trees, this place resembles a spectacular and luxurious seaside resort.

Vacationers can be seen relaxing in bathing suits and bikinis; there are even flamingos!

Water slides

Children and even big childlike adults are having fun in the water slides! It is only when we look very closely at the picture that we realize just how gigantic this place really is!

Just like at the beach!

Visitors feel like they're at a real beach with all that sand! The best part about all this is that there's no need to worry about getting a bad sunburn! The temperature is around 27 degrees Celsius. This seaside resort is open year-round, 24 hours a day!

Swimming pool

The huge pool is so impressive! Did you know that the site could accommodate several thousand people per day?

A huge dome!

The Tropical Islands (the name of this beautiful place) is the largest tropical resort in Europe! In winter, people enjoy themselves inside the dome and during the summer months can also enjoy the facilities that are outside the dome. This tropical resort offers visitors more than 7 saunas, a spa, 850 beach chairs and the largest indoor tropical forest in Europe.

More than 975,000 visitors in the first year

This place is popular; it attracted more than 975 000 visitors during the first year alone! The hangar measures 360 meters long, 210 meters wide and 107 meters high: the Statue of Liberty could easily fit inside here!


The resort also offers its visitors three types of accommodation. There are tents in the rain forest and on the beach, small cottages and more luxurious suites.

How would you feel about spending a few days here?

Source: Daily mail · Photo Credit: Daily mail

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