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To help her students manage their problems, this teacher has a simple yet completely brilliant idea!

To help her students manage their problems, this teacher has a simple yet completely brilliant idea!
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A teacher by the name of Julia Brown tried something new in her class. She calls it her "What I need..." box

She prepared it with memo cards and pencils. If a student needs something but is not comfortable speaking out, he or she can write a message with his or her name and put it in the box with the assurance that the teacher will answer before the end of the week.

source: Julia Brown

Examples of needs ...

"I need help with a lesson we have already completed."

"I need school supplies."

"I need help with a problem with a friend."

"I need help in another class".

" I need a hug ".

"I have to talk to someone about a situation at home."

"I have to change places".

"I need help with a bully"

source: Julia Brown

This amazing teacher wants her students to know that she is there to help them with everything they need.

Here is how the experiment took place ...

During the first week, two boys informed their teacher of a bullying situation. The situation has been taken care of.

The following week, Julia changed the format a bit and asked that each student put a card in the box every day. They did not have to write on it, but every student goes to the box every day.

Since then, the teacher has received a plethora of "needs", ranging from specific supply needs, seat changes, special handshakes when entering the classroom, to help after school hours, intimidation and even daily hugs.

source: Julia Brown

What is wonderful about this process is that students start coming directly to Julia to tell her about their problems and the challenges they face, no longer using the box.

"I've been teaching at school for 15 years and I can honestly say it's the best thing I've ever done to reach my kids so early in the school year," says the teacher with a big heart.

Her idea should be copied by all teachers, from elementary to high school!

Would you have liked to benefit from such an initiative when you were young?

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