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Today is “Blue Monday” and it is officially the most depressing day of the year!

Today is “Blue Monday”  and it is officially the most depressing day of the year!
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With the year that just passed, it is normal to have gone through a whole range of emotions. But maybe you had even more trouble getting up this morning and nothing tempts you, well you are not alone!

It's Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year.

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This "holiday", unofficial and which we could do without, has been celebrated on the third Monday in January, every year, since 2005.

Although there is no exact scientific research behind Blue Monday, its name comes from the fact that several unpleasant factors are aligned during this day to give you the blues.

It is therefore this January 18 that the collective morale of North Americans would be at its lowest.

You should know that "Blue Monday" is in fact the result of an advertising campaign by a travel agency aimed at pushing people to go on vacation, this date has nonetheless become a global phenomenon, which resurfaces annually on social networks.  However, the blue associated to the winter is quite real, and it affect as many as 15 per cent of people of Canada.

“As winter approaches and the days get colder and darker, it’s common for people to feel mildly depressed and less energetic,”said wellness coach Kasandra Monid “For others, the winter season can have a more serious impact on their mood, appetite and energy in the form of seasonal affective disorder.”

The pandemic exhaustion, stress, boredom and the isolation that the current pandemic situation has brought, it's normal to feel down. So take advantage of this Blue Monday to take care of yourself, be gentle with others and do yourself good! Don't forget to check on your friends and family and make sure they are doing okay. 

"There is generally more sadness in the winter time and January is not uncommon at all for overall more sadness among folks," said Dr. Ravi Shah, a psychiatrist at Columbia University's Irving Medical Center in New York City.

If you need to, do not be ashamed to seek professional help.

How are you doing these days? 

Source: Narcity · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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