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Transform a laundry hamper into a useful accessory!

Transform a laundry hamper into a useful accessory!
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You can easily make storage basket, that will be perfect for your house.

The laundry baskets have the perfect size for storing a lot of stuff in the house.

Watch this video and discover how you can transform them easily using materials that are easy to find and inexpensive!

You will need :

- A laundry hamper

- Cotton fabrics

- Rough Rope (Dollar Store)

- A hot glue gun

- Acrylic paint and paintbrush

- Mod Podge varnish to dilute the paint and paint the part of the top in clearer


1) Cut out a very large circle in cotton fabric

2) Let the glue gun to heat for at least 10 to 15 minutes before use so that the glue is very hot

3) Glue the fabric under the rim of the laundry hamper

4) Then stick the rope on the fabric starting at the bottom of the basket

5) Apply acrylic paint of the chosen color to half the rope

6) Then dilute a little acrylic paint of the same color in varnish in a small bowl and apply this mixture on the rest of the rope

7) Let dry thoroughly everywhere and apply a layer of Mod Podge glue on both colored shades to protect them

You have transformed an ordinary laundry hamper into a beautiful decorative and practical basket!

Watch the video to understand the steps!

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