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Transform Your Old Furniture With These Five Genius Ikea Hacks

Transform Your Old Furniture With These Five Genius Ikea Hacks
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Having a trendy home can be quite expensive as fashion change so quickly, but it doesn't have to be that way! IKEA is known for their affordable furniture and it is possible to glam them into looking more high-end. If you enjoy DIYs you are going to love trying the hacks from House Beautiful below.

1.  LACK Coffee Table 

How to :

1. Remove the lower shelf.

2. Replace the white legs with wooden legs. 

It doesn't look like a $30 coffee table anymore!

2. HEAT Trivets

How to :

1. Apply a coat of your favourite colour paint.

2. Fix the trivets to the wall.

3. Pin your favourite pictures.

An easy way to decorate a wall for only $4. 

3. MALM Bed Frame

How to :

1. Apply a wood-like adhesive film to the headboard.

Who would believe this is only a $149 bed?

4.  BORRBY Lantern

How to :

1. Fill the bottom part with potting soil.

2. Add gravel or beach stones.

3. Add your favourite terrarium plants.

And Voilà your own terrarium for only $15. 

5.  REGOLIT Pendant Lamp

How to :

1. Glue your favourite colour feathers to the paper lamp. 

A modern and unique lamp for only $5.

Will you be trying any of these hacks? Perhaps you might already own an IKEA item at home that you can transform into a trendy piece. Unless you are not the handy type and IKEA isn't quite for you like Ryan Reynolds :

Source: House Beautiful · Photo Credit: Ikea

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