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Using the F1 to F12 keys on your keyboard, see how you can save time every day!

Using the F1 to F12 keys on your keyboard, see how you can save time every day!
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When we look at them, the keys F1 to F12 at the top of the keyboard of a PC, we do not want to touch them: what can they be used for? What if I do something wrong by touching them?

Indeed, there is one key that it is better to avoid touching!

They all have a really practical function and by knowing them, you can save time and energy to do the same task, but in just one click!

F1: It opens the help window of the application used.

F2: it can change the name of the selected file.

F3: It opens the search window of the current program.

F4: Pressing F4 and Alt at the same time; you close tabs.

F5: to refresh a web page, press F5.

F6: It helps to move with the keyboard in different menus of an application.

F7: It activates the spelling checker. This is very useful!

F8: It gives access to the Windows start menu when you turn on the computer.

F9: It has 2 utilities: in Word, it updates a document. In Outlook ,it allows you to send and receive emails.

F10: It opens the menu bar of the current program. If you click on Shift at the same time, it is the equivalent of a right mouse click.

F11: The F11 key activates full screen.

F12: This is the key to avoid unless you know HTML code!

There are several other keyboard shortcuts really useful to save time, do you know them?

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