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Waitress saves 11-year-old boy's life with a note.

Waitress saves 11-year-old boy's life with a note.
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A waitress in Orlando, Florida can now be called a heroine, after saving the life of a boy who was abused by his parents,

Flavaine Carvalho knew something was wrong right away when a couple, Kristen Swann and Timothy Wilson, showed up at her restaurant "Mrs. Potato"  for New Years Eve with two children aged 11 and 4. 

The waitress really noticed something was wrong when the parents refused to allow the 11-year-old boy to eat.

He was leaning against a wall and his parents refused to let him order food or drink. However, they did ordered a meal for the other child, a 4-year-old girl. 

Flavaine Carvalho then noticed that the boy had bruises on his arms and on his face. It was then that she subtly showed him a note "Do you need help?" "

"He nodded," recalls the waitress, in an interview with the American channel CNN. She therefore contacted the authorities.

Police said the boy was severely beaten and "To be honest what this child had gone through was torture," said Detective Erin Lawler. His step-father allegedly hit him with his fists, a wooden broom and a back scratcher. He was also hung upside down from a door frame by his ankles and strapped to a furniture dolly.

The poor boy was also about 20 pounds underweight as he was regularly not allowed to eat as punishment

The parents, Kristen Swann and Timothy Wilson now face charges of neglect and child abuse. The boy and girl have since been placed with foster families.

Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolon even said to ABC affiliate WFTV:   "This could have been a homicide situation if she had not intervened."

This sad story broke our hearts! We are happy that the kids are now safe. 

"The lesson here for all of us is to recognize when we see something that isn't right to act on it... This saved the life of a child," said Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolon.

Source: TVA Nouvelles · Photo Credit: YouTube NBC News

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