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What to do if your child's tongue is stuck on a frozen metal pole.

What to do if your child's tongue is stuck on a frozen metal pole.
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Anyone who lives in a cold country knows exactly what it feels like to have your tongue stuck to metal when it's cold. What child has never tried it, despite adult warnings? Because it is impossible to resist; you have to experiment for yourself to know what it is ...

When you've already had the tip of your tongue desperately attached to a post, a zipper or other metal objects, you know how much it can hurt, even more if you pull suddenly!

But how can we go about limiting the damage? This is the question that many parents ask themselves, when they discover their child in a bad position outside! We don't want to see the little tongue of our treasure bleed! And since children are not the most patient, the procedure must be found quickly to limit any damage!

According to pediatrician Umberto Cellupica, there are two methods of peeling a tongue off a pole or metal object. Here they are:

Option 1:

Pour a cup of cold water on the tongue. Keep pouring water until the tongue comes off the post or whatever it is stuck on.

YouTube - chezcrock

Option 2:

Ask the child to breathe on the post; the heat and humidity of his breath can help him pull his tongue off the post. Then you should tell the child (or adult!) to gradually try to relax their tongue as the area warms up.

YouTube - chezcrock


It is very important not to pull the tongue forcibly to lift it off. It could tear the tissue and cause bleeding.

This winter, if your child experiences a sticky tongue from the cold despite your many warnings, don't panic. Go get some water or explain method 2 to your child, so that they can breathe and stay calm despite their very uncomfortable position!

It is better to take a little more time to get out of this mess than to leave a piece of tongue on the metal! Ouch!

Let’s hope that the children trust their parents in solving this winter problem. They have a lot of experience, after all!

Has this ever happened to you or your child? 

Source: Today's Parent · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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