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Where can we hide the house key elsewhere than under the carpet?

Where can we hide the house key elsewhere than under the carpet?
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The majority of home owners leave a duplicate of the house key somewhere, often under the entrance mat or under a flower pot.

These hiding places are logical because they are very close to the front door ... but everyone knows them, even the thieves.

There are other hiding places much more secret to hide a key, places that nobody thinks to look at. Even if all the hiding ideas published here were known by house robbers, they do not have time to search. For them, if it's easy, it's worth it, but if you have to look everywhere, it is better to go to a neighbor who keeps his key ... under the carpet!

Siding. A key fits perfectly into the siding of the house. In order not to lose it, attach it to a thread of dental floss.

License plate. The car is a good place to hide a key, especially if you screw it behind the license plate!

Dryer. Use the air dryer door to slide a key.

Doghouse. If you have a dog and a doghouse outside, this is the last place that the thieves will seek out! Hide the key inside or under the doghouse if you can lift it.

Thermometer. Do you have a thermometer or other decorative accessory on the outside? It's very simple to stick a key with tape on the back!

Patio. Choose a difficult place under the patio to nail and hang the key.

Tree. Do you have a lot of trees on your property? Plant a nail in the tree, on the side that nobody sees to put the key in.

Bird feeder. The bird feeder is also a place that no one will think of watching: put the key into a pill jar so it is not dirty when you need it.

Neighbour. If you have good relations with a neighbor, this is probably the safest place to leave a duplicate key. Except that the neighbor must be present to give your key back, which limits the practical side of this solution.

All these hiding places are shown and explained in this video.

Source: YouTube · Photo Credit: Capture d'écran YouTube

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