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With a tennis ball and some aluminum foil, she replaces an expensive household item! What a BRILLIANT idea!

With a tennis ball and some aluminum foil, she replaces an expensive household item! What a BRILLIANT idea!
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10 Tips to do with Tennis Balls!

You can find cheap tennis balls in large stores and even in some Dollar stores!

You will want to go and find cheap tennis balls after seeing all these ideas! Because you will see that there are more than one good idea!

Who would have said that one day we would use a tennis ball otherwise than to play tennis !!

Here are 10 Tips for you!

With 2 balls

Two balls next to each other wrapped in a bandage to eliminate the muscle knots in the back. A simple solution when you are alone.

Aluminum foil



Wrap tennis balls in aluminum foil. Place two balls in the dryer, you will eliminate static electricity without having to put fabric softener sheet in the dryer and the movement of the balls will help the clothes or towels to dry faster in addition to making them more fluffy! The more balls you use, the more surface will soften.

On a wall hook

It is certainly not the most aesthetic you will say. On the other hand, when you throw your jacket on the hook, I bet that it will stay hooked with this ball. It will not slip all the way down to the ground! That's for sure!

In class!

The noise of the chairs on the floor can distract. By placing a ball under each leg, no more rubbing of legs on the floor! Everyone can work in peace! Parents are sometimes asked to contribute to the purchase of 4 balls per child at the beginning of the year. A very small contribution when you think of the tranquility that this method can bring to the concentration of your children.

Adding fabric

Cut out squares of fabric of your choice and wrap it around two tennis balls that you will have drilled and cut. You will install them on curtains poles. Use hot glue to stick the fabric inside the ball, or E6 000 glue.

Clear black marks

Clear black marks left by shoes with a tennis ball! You will be surprised of its effectiveness!

Cut on the white line

Make a slit along the white line of the ball, you can hide a precious object, or make it a fun wall mount! Stick the ball on a suction cup with extra strong glue to stick it on ceramic, or staple it from the inside if you use it in the office on panels.

In the garage

You can hang a tennis ball on the ceiling of the garage so that it comes right in the center of the windshield. So you'll know exactly where you're stopping before hitting an object on the floor in the garage.

In the swimming pool

Did you know that letting a tennis ball float in the pool will help you keep it clean? It is a fact! Mosses, hair, dead leaves etc. will stick to the ball. Wash it with soapy water occasionally. It will help you way more than you think!

To decorate!

You know a sportsman crazy about tennis? Decorate for his birthday with tennis balls and tennis rackets!

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