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With basic knit skills, she realizes a very funny gadget! Everybody will want one when seeing it!

With basic knit skills, she realizes a very funny gadget! Everybody will want one when seeing it!
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I can already see several of my friends using this necklace...

It's really funny, but also practical at once!

And if you know how to knit, it's so easy!

You will find in this article, a video tutorial, a photo tutorial and photos templates to inspire you color-wise!

Because yes! You can also make different colors for your friends!

Isn't it a great idea for your girls evenings?


  • A hook of size K 6.5 mm
  • 35 meters of voluminous thread of size 5
  • A wine glass
  • The video tutorial or photos below


You can follow the photos, or this video to learn how to make them! If you already know how to knit, you'll have no trouble following the video!



Fit a chain of 20 stitches and join with a sliding point to the first chain, forming a loop. Make sure that it simply slips around the base of your wine glass. Otherwise, adjust your loop by adding or subtracting strings by 2. The loop must have an even number of strings.

Assemble a chain of 1 stitch, then single hook (sc) around each chain. Cut the point (sl st) at the first join point.

Assemble a chain of 4 stitches, skip a stitch (sk st) and then slip the stitch into the next stitch. Continue * ch 4, sk st, sl st * all around your chain loop.

After your last chain 4 stitches, jump one stitch, join a stitch with the same stitch as the first stitch of the round. It will look like a flower with 10 petals (more or less petals if you added or subtracted strings to adjust the size of your first loop.

Assemble a chain of 4 stitches and slip the stitch in the first chain of 4 stitches of the previous space.

Continue * Roll a chain with 4 stitches, slip the stitch in the next chain 4 sts, * space around. You will now work in continuous spiral, without making a junction at the end of each turn, until your "net sleeve" is almost as large as you want. It will start to look less like a flower but more like a glass of wine! This is about 6 turns in spiral after completing the 10 "original petals".

At this point, it would be brilliant to try to insert your wine glass. Remember that the thread stretched a bit once your glass is full of wine, so leave some space on top. The "net" hook points are fairly elastic. If that does not work, just go back to the beginning and add strings at the start.

Assemble a chain of 1 stitch, single hook 3 times in the same chain 4 places. Then, continue * a single hook 3 times in the space of the chain 4 * throughout the previous round. When you get to the end, drag the point into the first stitch.

Now try on your glass once more, but do not cut your thread. Then if it is right, make a strap to the neck.

Assemble a chain of 80 stitches. Pass the chain around your neck and add or subtract the strings until you have the desired length. Make sure the chain is not twisted before attaching it to the other side. It counted 12 points towards the rear (towards the right) and slid towards the 13th point. You will need to adjust if you started with more or less "petals" at first.

Then, make a single hook in each chain on the strap until the chain begins. Move from point to point next to the thread from the beginning, then drag the point back to the next point. A single hook back on the other side of your strap once more. Slide one more point and tie it to secure the strap. Finish the wine glass necklace by weaving the ends of yarn with a weaving needle.

Here! This is how we make a wine glass necklace ridiculously convenient to play all the games you like by having your hands free !!

The model of the video!

And here are more models to inspire you!

Source: youtube eart Hook Home · Photo Credit:

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