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With this trick, keep your mushrooms much longer!

With this trick, keep your mushrooms much longer!
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We eat a lot of white or brown mushrooms at home, it is a food that is loved by everyone, so I buy 2 or 3 packs per week.

But just a change in the menu to keep the mushrooms in the fridge drawer longer than I expected and when I come to use them, they are often soft and sticky after 3 or 4 days.

So it was about time that I learned this trick: maybe you don't know it either?

As soon as they are bought, mushrooms should be transferred to a brown bag.

The bag will absorb the moisture that spoils the mushrooms, which will keep them fresh and firm for 7 more days!

Moreover, the trick is almost the same for Onions.

Source: Les fruits et légumes frais · Photo Credit: Fotolia

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