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Would you be able to live in this floating home, without phone or internet, for a few days?

Would you be able to live in this floating home, without phone or internet, for a few days?
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A rural floating home

No, this floating house is not for rent. What I'm talking about is the floating house of a couple living in Maine. They spent more than 10 years, evenings and weekends, building this unique floating home.

The couple are now enjoying the spoils of their efforts by spending beautiful vacation days, on the water, somewhere in Maine, in the United States.

I thought about showing you inside and asking you the following question: would you be capable of disconnecting and going off-grid for a few days while living in a floating house like this, without using your phone or internet?

I'll leave you to take a tour of the property!

Enjoy your visit!

240 feet

The house has 240 feet. It was featured in the Maine Home + Design magazine. This one belongs to Foy and Louisa Brown. This is far from the conventional look of a floating house, that's for sure! Wait til you get to see inside!

A holiday home

This floating house is a real vacation home for the couple who spend all summer on it. "The best part is being able to escape everything," says Foy. "There is no television, no one to bother you, and no property taxes or permits." I personally do not know if it's the same for the lakes of Quebec, but the idea of not getting bothered and getting away from the daily grind is interesting.

Open air

You will see that the little floating house has an open area. The kitchen is open to the dining room and the bedroom is on the mezzanine level. The bathroom is under the mezzanine.

Dining room

The small table in the dining room still has 4 seats! This floating house has a decor reminiscent of country homes.

Other angle

This picture shows you another angle of the main room. It's not huge but it's definitely cozy! I can see myself taking a nap on the blue couch!

Solar lights and candles

At night, the only light comes from candles and oil lamps, while solar lights illuminate the platform. These chairs offer the best view!


Here is the bedroom of the little floating house. It offers a large bed and plenty of headroom.


Unfortunately, the weather in Maine does not make it possible to live on a floating house all year long, just like in Quebec. During the coldest months, the floating house is tucked away between two docks.

Would you be able to live for a few days in this floating house without access to a television, a telephone (except for emergencies) and no Internet?

I look forward to reading your comments!

Source: Hooked on houses · Photo Credit: Hooked on houses

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