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You have red and irritated thighs because of the heat? Here's what to do to prevent it!

You have red and irritated thighs because of the heat? Here's what to do to prevent it!
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Heat and perspiration are a big problem of discomfort for anyone who has thighs touching! The skin of the thighs becomes irritated and it quickly becomes a reason to hate the summer!

If you experience this, you do not have to endure it any longer: these tips will help you prevent irritation and relieve painful redness.

Pants and shorts instead of skirts and dressesThis is the most disappointing advice on the list, but it is a basic precaution: skirts and dresses offer no protection to your thighs, the skin of the thighs is in a situation of continuous rubbing. With shorts or pants, the skin will be more protected.

AntiperspirantThe function of an antiperspirant is to prevent sweat from getting to the skin, while a deodorant masks the smell and does not prevent sweat. Look carefully the label of the product to make sure you take an antiperspirant and apply it on the inside of your thighs after your morning shower and if necessary during the day.

Baby powderTake a small bottle of baby powder with you and sprinkle your thighs regularly during the day, especially when it's very hot and humid. The baby powder will keep your skin dry and prevent friction.

Cream with zincZinc cream works perfectly on irritated buttocks of babies, it is also effective in soothing redness and discomfort from irritation. In addition, zinc oxide cream is an antibacterial, so it will help fight the risk of infection. Simply apply to the skin.

Coconut oilCoconut oil has antibacterial properties and helps prevent the accumulation of bacteria caused by sweat and dirt. Apply it before going to bed! The oil will have all the night to moisturize your skin which will recover all the sweetness and will be less irritated.

Aloe veraMake a mixture of aloe vera gel, green tea (1/4 cup) and lavender oil (a few drops), and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Spray inside your thighs to relieve the pain.

VaselineA greasy substance like vaseline will protect the skin against irritations due to friction, but during a very hot day I am not sure that it is very comfortable between the thighs ...

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