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You should always get white bath towels, here's why.

You should always get white bath towels, here's why.
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If you ever stayed in a hotel or hospital you might have noticed that they always have white towels and there's a good reason why! While you might think that white towels will get dirty and old faster than coloured towels, you should think twice and always buy white bath towels.

In fact, this trick was shared by Erin Napier one of the stars in the HGTV show Home Town. She said to Better Homes & Gardens

"Ben’s mom taught me this trick. She lives with all these big burly men who play sports and work on cars and come in greasy and filthy and her towels smell fresh.”

“You just bleach them,” said Erin. “Every time you wash them, you add a little bleach, and they last forever. They never mildew. They always smell fresh.”

That's an easy tip anyone can follow! With just a little bleach at every wash you can get these fresh, clean and stain free towel every single time you wash them. And they will never smell bad or have a mildew smell! 

Also, did you know that you don't need to wash your towels every time you use them? Having white towels give you a visual indicator on when it's time to put them in the wash! However, we understand that white bath towel might not be your preference or fit into the decor of your bathroom.

What colour of towels do you usually use?  

Source: Better Homes & Gardens · Photo Credit: Adobe Stock

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